the Twilight Angel

the artist's inner world fights its way into the light of day

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About the Twilight Angel

A talented, successful artist is painting a powerful series of twelve angels for an exhibit that will be a culmination of his life’s work. Attempting to paint the last painting he finds that he cannot and goes into depression and a deepening creative void. In this crisis he becomes locked in a confrontation with the last canvas, his ‘twilight angel.’ However, his paintings and the painting process provide a path out of the darkness . The paintings become proxies for characters and events in his life, forcing him to search for missing parts of himself, lost in war and family conflict.
  • Behind the Scenes of the Twilight Angel

    Twilight Angel Producer, Julie Schumer, and Cinematographer/Editor, John Witham, host an inside look into the development and production of the award-winning indie film. Includes early background, crowdfunding, test scenes and test screenings, process, and interviews with members of the audience at the premiere.

  • The Twilight Angel

    The final edit of the feature.

  • The Twilight Angel - Deluxe Edition

    Get this special Deluxe Edition of Twilight Angel. This package includes the final cut of the feature film and 33 minutes of bonus footage hosted by the Producer, Julie Schumer, and the Cinematographer/Editor, John Witham - including interviews with the premiere audience, behind-the-scenes of development and production, music videos, experimental scenes, readings and more painting.